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The season

Sure, I know it’s Aug. 18. All my electronic devices say so. That’s the date on the top of the newspaper and on my desk calendar. It’s two days away from my birthday, so I’m not about to forget.

But none of that matters.

Regardless of all that logical information that tells me it’s still summer — I know it’s fall. It has to be, because everybody’s playing football!

When I was in high school and college in Iowa, when the pads went on, the temperature went down and leaves began collecting on the ground.

OK — I’m in Arizona and I’m willing to give up on the change of temperature and the leaves, but it is football season.

The NFL has already played a bunch of preseason games and colleges are getting ready. And perhaps your high school boy has made the team or your daughter has been working on her cheers.

Yes, for everybody, except for those people who got together in Brazil, it’s time for football.

And the only quarterback controversy at Arizona Cardinals camp is for the third string spot.

This is livin’. . . this is autumn. . . this is football season.

I’m Pat McMahon.