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Baby faces

Have you heard about the paparazzi and all the international publications talking about at least $5 million for the first baby picture of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new daughter?

Why do we need a picture when it’s obvious the poor little girl is going to be the one with a big butt and a bad attitude? Whenever I see candid photos of celebrities with their kids doing really interesting celebrity things like walking, sitting on a bench, picking out a piece of fruit from a produce stand — they’re all surrounded by a pack of ravenous and aggressive photographers.

What possesses them to behave like hyenas in heat? Money…big money! Why is there so much profit in personality pictures? Because you buy the magazines they’re in!

It’s your fault that there’s no privacy for any recognizable human being on earth and why there are baby pictures on Wall Street. Now, if it’s a really rare collectible photo you’re looking for, try to find one of a child whose celebrity parents are married.

I’m Pat McMahon.