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Sun’s shine

Boy, have I ever been enjoying the Arizona Republic series on the Phoenix Suns.

For all of us this season who were able to identify more of the vendors than anyone on the court — or in the front office for that matter — it’s a nostalgic ride that reminds us what Phoenix’s first major sports franchise has meant to the community.

Not because of championships. They are, in fact, the winningest NBA franchise never to have won a title. Real Suns fans remember that they were in the big show twice.

First in 1976 against the Boston Celtics, which will always be remembered for the three-overtime loss in Beantown. The second in 1993 against Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, which also remarkably featured a three-overtime game and resulted in another series loss.

But the most memorable event of that series didn’t take place on the court. It was when 300,000 people assembled in downtown Phoenix on a 105-degree day to say thank you. I was there that day. Just as I was there in the Coliseum for the first Suns game ever played. I was there when the draft crowd booed the choice of Dan Majerle and the night the first Gorilla showed up to deliver a telegram. And I’ll be there when we win our first title. Because, I’m a Phoenix Suns fan.

I’m Pat McMahon.