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Gov. Ducey bashes Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward: ‘Practice what you preach’

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PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey bashed the state’s GOP Chair Kelli Ward on Wednesday, who earlier in the week used choice language intended for the Republican governor after he certified the state’s election results.

Ward tweeted #STHU at the governor — a likely acronym for Ducey to be quiet — after he certified Arizona’s election results Monday despite continued unsubstantial cries from Republicans of voter fraud in the state.

“Well I think what I would say is the feeling is mutual to her,” Ducey said during a press conference. “And practice what you preach.”

Ward has been leading the charge to try and prove fraud in the Nov. 3 election, which saw Arizona choose a Democrat as its presidential pick for the first time since 1996.

Ducey got caught in the crossfire Monday after certifying the election, which he’s required to do by law on the fourth Monday following Election Day.

Ward responded Wednesday evening, saying she would keep up her fight.

In addition to Ward, President Donald Trump sent out a flurry of tweets Monday where he criticized Ducey for following the law.

All lawsuits pertaining to election fraud in the state have been thrown out so far, but there is still pending litigation.

County election officials agreed Wednesday to expand their inspection of certain ballots in metro Phoenix that are being challenged in a Republican lawsuit that seeks to reverse Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

Ward, who filed a lawsuit contesting the election results, is looking for irregularities among the nearly 28,000 ballots in Maricopa County that were duplicated by elections officials because voters’ earlier ballots were damaged or couldn’t be tabulated.

She requested a broader examination of the ballots after a court-ordered inspection of 100 duplicated ballots on Tuesday found two instances in which votes cast for Trump were cancelled in the duplication process.

Before the judge could rule on Ward’s request at a court hearing, the county offered to review 2,500 additional duplicated ballots.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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