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Pick a rose

Did anyone ever have a relative that just continued to show up for family gatherings, even though everyone made it clear he wasn’t welcome? He drinks too much, tells dirty jokes at the dinner table and hasn’t bathed in weeks.

I’m describing a socially-limited pariah without any sense of personal dignity. I’m describing Alex Rodriguez; still a member of what once was the proud New York Yankees. And what can they do as an organization other than cringe every time he gets booed by an out-of-town crowd? And wait till it happens at Yankee Stadium.

Perhaps instead of booing in the Bronx, there is silence when his name is announced? It’s appropriate for the Yankee fans to be offended because his behavior and his greed reflects on them as well as the team, its heritage and baseball in general. And how dare anyone debate his possible induction into the Hall of Fame. I’m all for it — right after the acceptance of Pete Rose and the 1919 Chicago White Sox.

I’m Pat McMahon.