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Man nearly beaten to death, robbed near Phoenix canal

(Public Domain Photo)

Our first case takes us to the canal bank near 20th Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix.

“This wasn’t just your normal beat him up, knock him down, take his stuff — they beat him close to death,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Derek Elmore said.

It was just about midnight Nov. 10, 2014 when a witness discovered Victor Sanchez-Molina laying on the ground on the canal bank.

The 42-year-old married man was beaten to a pulp and robbed. His pockets were turned out.

A witness saw the group of attackers jump a nearby wall and take off.

Sanchez-Molina’s face and head were such a mess, he had to be identified through fingerprints.

Elmore said he will never be the same.

“He’ll recover but he won’t be able to walk and talk like normal or have proper brain function because he was beaten so badly,” Elmore said.

Now, a case that cost the victim thousands and thousands of dollars.

The suspect stole the ID of a California man then forged a California driver’s license with the stolen information.

On the afternoon of Nov. 3, 2014, in a three-hour time span, the suspect hit numerous Wells Fargo Banks in Phoenix, stealing more than $15,000 from the victim.

“He has a distinctive tattoo on his left forearm,” Elmore said.

“We’re hoping the pictures of that tattoo will be what causes people to recognize him and call Silent Witness.”

This article originally appeared March 9, 2015.

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