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Patricia Corona
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Case of Phoenix mom presumed dead 3 decades ago still unsolved

Patricia Corona

A 31-year-old single mom left her daughter to run an errand and never returned.

“Back on Nov. 22, 1998, Patricia Corona disappeared in the area of her home near 15th Avenue and Camelback,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Darren Burch. “Investigators believe foul play is involved and have now escalated her investigation to a homicide.”

Trish’s only child, a daughter, was 8 years old at the time.

“When someone is missing, you live in this horrific limbo of not knowing,” said Detective Stuart Somershoe. “Her daughter has been living that all these years. Every holiday and every birthday is just a painful reminder that you don’t know where your mom is at.”

Somershoe said Trish’s daughter, now a grown woman, checks in with him regularly. He has been working this case for years and is hoping to find some answers for the young woman.

“There’s no indication that Trish willingly walked out of her life,” said Somershoe. “She had taken her daughter to a carnival earlier in the day then returned home. She said she was going to return a vehicle to her boyfriend and she’d be right back but she was never seen again.”

When Trish wasn’t working as a tree-trimmer, she liked to hang-out with her biker friends. Somershoe hopes that, because she had a lot of friends, someone will come forward with new information.

Find information about the Silent Witness program here.

This story originally appeared June 16, 2014.

Arizona's Morning News

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