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Meghan McCain blasts Trump after he attacks her father on Twitter

(Instagram Photo; AP Photo)

PHOENIX – Meghan McCain said Monday that President Donald Trump “will never be a great man,” on the heels of his weekend tweets criticizing her father, late Sen. John McCain.

McCain, cohost of “The View” talk show, told a TV audience that Trump, “spends his weekends obsessing over great men because he knows it and I know it and all of you know it – he will never be a great man.”

McCain had gone on social media to defend her father after Trump tweeted weekend swipes at the Arizona Republican, who died seven months ago.

Trump accused the elder McCain of helping Democrats and the Justice Department investigation of possible Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. He followed that by bringing up McCain’s “no” vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act in 2017.

Meghan responded about an hour after Trump’s first tweet Saturday.

Trump reportedly commented about McCain’s health care vote in February before his State of the Union address. He also mocked sales of McCain’s book, “The Restless Wave,” which was published in in May 2018 and went on to become a best-seller.

Trump said the book “bombed.”

The younger McCain wasn’t alone in standing up for her father. Family friend and fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina also defended the Navy pilot and Vietnam POW:

McCain’s former top adviser, Mark Salter, said in a tweet that McCain “will always be a better man than you in every way we measure a man’s character. You’ll never beat him.”

The controversial dossier Trump referred to was a file that included salacious claims and allegations of conspiracy between the presidential candidate’s campaign and the Russian government to beat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The dossier was made public in January 2017.

In “The Restless Wave,” McCain wrote that he gave a copy of the dossier to the FBI on Dec. 9, 2016, a month after the election.

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