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Video shows emergency landing of flight from Phoenix to Dallas


PHOENIX — Some passengers flying from Phoenix to Dallas had a terrifying experience Wednesday when the plane they were on was forced to make an emergency landing.

And the entire thing was caught on video. (WARNING: LINK CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE)

The passengers on American Airlines flight 5957 — which was operated by Mesa Airlines — reported that they smelled smoke and the crew decided to get the plane on the ground as soon as possible as a precaution.

“It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was clear,” said Steve Ramsthel, who recorded video of the incident and uploaded it to Facebook.

The video picked up as the crew delivered instructions to passengers on how to brace for the landing and that they should be prepared to evacuate, just in case.

The video gets tense as fliers were told to brace and crew members can be heard shouting things, such as, “Keep your heads down.”

The plane made a safe landing in Dallas but Ramsthel said that didn’t reduce the shock experienced by the passengers.

“I think everybody was like, ‘Holy crap, did that just happen?'”

At the end of the video, the first officer asked everyone to remain calm as the passengers laughed off their harrowing experience.

Mesa Airlines said the smoke was caused by a faulty fan.

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