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Gilbert woman launches eco-friendly gift wrapping company

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LISTEN: Gilbert woman launches eco-friendly gift wrapping company

PHOENIX — A Gilbert woman has launched a company offering an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper, just in time for the holidays.

The company is called GG Wrap. Owner Hethyre Baez said her company sells sturdy fabric gift wraps that eliminate the need for wrapping paper, boxes, tape and scissors.

Baez said the wraps come in various sizes, are reversible and can be used dozens of times.

“You can reuse it every single time you have a birthday or a holiday,” Baez said. “By doing so, you are absolutely saving money and you’re saving trees, which is a huge message I want to get out.”

Baez said she launched the company earlier this month but had been creating the wraps on her own for several years.

She said her motivation for the wraps came from frustration she felt from “throwing away garbage bag after garbage bag of wrapping paper, especially during the holidays.”

“I don’t think people think about how bad wrapping paper is for the environment,” she said, adding that most wrapping papers cannot be recycled because of the laminates, dyes and foil materials.

Baez said what sets her product apart from similar eco-friendly wrapping options is the stabilizing insert in every wrap. She said the insert gives the wrap a more tailored look and eliminates the need for a box and tissue paper.

The fabric gift wraps are sold in sets of four for $54.97. They can be purchased through Amazon.

“I wouldn’t call it cheap,” Baez said about the price of the set. “But you could end up paying $6, $7, or up to $12 for a paper bag that maybe can be reused two or three times.

“My product easily can be used 20, 30 I would say even 40 times. So it does save money.”

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