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On World UFO Day, we look back on Phoenix Lights, other UFO sightings

These strange lights were spotted on an October night in 2016 in the Phoenix sky. Some people believe them to be a UFO. (Twitter Photo/@tater_todd55)

PHOENIX — On World UFO Day, we look back on the Phoenix Lights and other notable UFO sightings in the past couple of years in the Valley.

The Phoenix Lights, which celebrated their 20th anniversary earlier this year, is remembered for the bizarre lights described as “otherworldly” that was seen by thousands of people in Nevada, Arizona and even parts of Mexico.

The timeline of the phenomenon tracks over several events, including a sight in the sky described as a V-shaped object the size of a commercial plane soaring through the air and a series of stationary orange and red lights.

Late last year, there was another uproar for a UFO sighting when several Twitter users asked if anyone else had seen what they had.

At least one person caught the lights on video and posted it to Twitter (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE).

There was also the incident at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport earlier in 2016 when an employee said a massive, chevron-shaped UFO flew over him.

Those sightings weren’t the first in Arizona and they won’t be the last.

According to a 2014 Washington Post article, Arizona has the highest number of UFO sightings per capita in the country.

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