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Potential GOP presidential candidate talks 2016 while in Arizona

PHOENIX — A Republican who is considered to be one of the frontrunners for president in 2016 was in the Phoenix area Wednesday to talk budgets with Arizona lawmakers.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich visited the State Capitol to give advice on creating a balanced budget for Arizona.

Kasich said he’s focused on being Ohio’s governor and putting together a budget for his state, but admitted it might be the time for a presidential run.

“There’s not a better time to go into any job than when things are out of control, because there’s nowhere to go but up,” he said.

He said if he did happen to win the White House, one of his top priorities would be to balance the federal budget, even though there are other things on the table.

“Should we take on immigration? Absolutely,” he said. “Should the Congress devise a comprehensive plan on immigration? Absolutely.

“But the foundation of our country is a solid financial base. Without the foundation, the house falls apart.”

Kasich called for a Constitutional convention to deal with the $18 trillion federal debt and said that Congress needs to get the nation out of debt.

“I do not think that there is a more important issue in the country today than the need for the Congress of the United States to act responsibly and balance budgets,” said Kasich.

He said that Congress needs to treat the federal budget the same way that he does his own family. Sometimes, he has to be the bad guy.

“My daughters would like a whole lot of things,” said Kasich. “Sometimes I have to say no because we can’t afford it.” He said that Congress needs to do the same thing.

He said that the federal government is out of control and spending too much money to fund departments that have serious problems.

“Secret Service…how they doing? IRS…how they doing? Veteran’s Administration….how they doing? Federal employees are beginning to be very frustrated about the fact that they’re not seeing any leadership at the federal level. These are government employees saying that,” exclaimed Kasich.

Kasich wants Arizona lawmakers to pass a resolution that would call for a constitutional convention to approve an amendment that would require Congress to pass a federal balanced budget.

State Sen.-elect John Kavanaugh and State Rep.-elect Jay Lawrence are among those who joined Kasich in saying that federal spending needs to be corrected.

It takes resolutions from 34 states to call for a convention to be held. Twenty-four states have already passed resolutions. Thirty-eight states would have to ratify a constitutional amendment.