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Former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon considers run against Sheriff Arpaio

Phil Gordon speaks at the ceremony at Phoenix Fire headquarters.
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Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have finally met his match.

Mac and Gaydos talked with former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon about whether or not he would take on Maricopa County’s sheriff in the next election. Gordon made it clear that he is not running but is considering a run after hearing suggestions from many people over the past week, including Republicans, Democrats and business leaders alike.

“I’m fighting cancer; it’s been my life for the past four years. So they kept coming over the last week,” Gordon said. “And that was most of my Thanksgiving too, but they said, ‘At least keep thinking about it and consider it.’ And I said I would.”

Although the sheriff position may be known for needing to have a background in law enforcement, Gordon makes the point that many police departments are run by city managers.

“I’d bring in the professionals, maybe a retired chief, maybe an active chief…to help reorganize and rebuild and reestablish the credibility and most importantly have the agency working with the county supervisors and with the other law enforcement agencies,” said Gordon.

Gordon himself would handle the policies and open the office up for transparency, making any improvements as needed.

Gordon would also need to address the issue of immigration and undocumented immigrants, a major focus for Arpaio. Some have accused Phoenix under Gordon of being a sanctuary city for those here illegal.

“There were more undocumented, illegal criminals elected in Phoenix and other local jurisdictions than the sheriff in his entire history,” Gordon said.

Gordon and Arpaio have a history of not getting along, so it would be a match for the century if Gordon does decide to run. One reservation Gordon does have in a potential run is possible mudslinging from Arpaio’s side.

“That’s a big concern for me. I know what he did to me as mayor…I don’t know. That’s something I would have to think about very seriously. It affected my family, it affected my friends,” Gordon said.

Gordon served as mayor of Phoenix from 2004 to 2012.

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