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DHL trolls UPS, has carrier deliver ads

Trolling, when done well (no, commenting “IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT” on every news article does not count) is a true art form.

And the trolls may have found their new king in shipping giant DHL.

While I wouldn’t ever think of a company at being a master troll, what DHL did is impressive.

Clearly, it competes with UPS, another massive worldwide shipping company. Rather than a huge ad campaign, DHL decided to ship just a few large ads and post the video on YouTube.

The catch? DHL shipped big ads via UPS.

Of course, UPS wouldn’t agree to a stunt like this. Why would it? Instead, DHL used science to outwit the competition, leaving random UPS deliverymen lugging huge ads through the heart of some of the busiest cities in the world.

Well played, DHL. Well played.