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Devalued peso makes Mexico cheaper vacation for US tourists

(Playa Mazatlan/Facebook photo)

PHOENIX — Now may be a good time to take a trip to Mexico.

The exchange rate is just over 20 pesos for every American dollar, and fears over the Donald Trump presidency are the reason.

Kari Mollan of Stellar Travel in Seattle says other political issues and fears over the Zika virus also have Mexican resorts offering terrific deals to try and get your business. She says that airfares are terrific right now in the $300 range and Mazatlan is a great deal.

“You can, all inclusive, ocean view, at the Playa Mazatlan,” said Mollan. “Including transfers, it’s $177 for two people, per night, all inclusive, drinks, everything.” That’s about half of the normal price.

Any great choice is Cancun.

“Getting to Cancun’s not hard, and there are hundreds of great deals to choose from. It’s because there are so many new hotels, and each one is better than the rest,” Mollan said. “You’re getting 5-star resorts at 3-star pricing right now in Cancun.”

She added that the resorts are also offering several incentives once you get there.

“Most of the packages are paid in U.S. dollars to start with. So what they’re doing to make up for those price decreases is to give you an extra $1,000 to use towards things like spa treatments and site seeing. They’re trying to revitalize their economy by having you get out and experience the destination more,” Mollan said.

If you’re planning to head to Mexico over the Christmas or New Year’s holidays, Mollan advises you to be flexible on what day that you can fly in order to avoid paying higher airfares.

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