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Phoenix listed among seven hot spots for homebrewing

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — It seems that Phoenix may have other qualities besides excruciating heat.

The American Homebrewers Association has listed seven places where homebrewing is on the rise, and Phoenix appeared as one of the “hot spots”.

Of course, living in the desert has its own challenges, leading to many early-morning and late-night brew sessions to avoid summer temperatures that can easily exceed 115 degrees. Brewers without means of temperature control might shift their focus to cider- and meadmaking during the summer months to avoid dealing with fermentation woes all around.

According to Keith Mycek of the Arizona Society of Homebrewers, Phoenix is still largely a macro beer market, and “good” beer is often times made by homebrewers.

A various number of factors were used in developing this list that include economic impact, proximity to craft breweries, competition entries and homebrew clubs.

“Craft brewing and homebrewing have long supported one another: a thriving craft beer community nurtures a healthy, growing homebrew culture, and vice-versa. Some cities are legendary for such pro-am symbiosis, while others are gaining well-deserved reputations as up-and-coming homebrew hot spots.” — Gary Glass, director of American Homebrewers Association

The ASH has also stated that the number of female homebrewers has increased over the past few years, bringing the total number of members over 500.

The other hot spots listed are Boise, Idaho, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, Nashville, Tennessee, Rochester, New York, Tampa, Florida and Windsor, California.

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