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New LED light bulbs installed at Sky Harbor

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Sky Harbor recently finished installing more than 3,000 LED light bulbs at the East Economy parking garage. The new bulbs are brighter and more energy efficient than the old light bulbs. Aviation Superintendent Gary Lovegren says they got rid of 71 light fixtures in the garage because of how bright the new bulbs are.

In addition to being more energy efficient, the blubs save money by needing to be replaced less often than the previous HPS light bulbs.

“We are getting anywhere between a 7 and 10-year warranty on these fixtures. So, not only do we have a power savings annually, but we also have a maintenance and labor savings of not having to replace those HPS lamps every 3 years,” says Lovgren.

According to Lovegren the airport has already replaced the old light bulbs with the new LED fixtures at the south Air Cargo facility and the Executive Terminal. He says they are currently working to replace some of the runway lights with more energy efficient bulbs as well. After they finish working on the runway, Lovgren says they will focus on the Terminal 4 garage and Sky Harbor Boulevard.

Lovegren says LED light bulbs will eventually be all over the airport. He says money for the new bulbs is coming from Capital Improvement Funds and Operation and Maintenance Funds.

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