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Arizona delegate: Hispanic voters belong with the Republican Party

(AP Photo/Matt York)

CLEVELAND — An Arizona delegate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland said Hispanic voters belong with the GOP because their ideals match with the party’s.

“We feel that out value system is actually shared by a large population in Arizona, especially when you start looking at the Hispanic community,” LD-25 Chairman Ian Murray told Arizona’s Morning News on Thursday.

“Our family values, our views on abortion and our views on religion are common to them and they really, truly belong with us.”

Murray said bringing Hispanic voters — a majority of which typically vote in support of the other side of the aisle — could be as easy as shaking some hands and having some conversations.

“We just have to reach out to them so they can understand where we stand versus where the other side stands,” he said.

Murray’s district falls entirely in Mesa, which is traditionally a fairly conservative part of the Phoenix area.

Like most Republicans, Murray said he is getting used to the idea of supporting the party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

“I started off as a Rick Perry guy,” he said. “As the election moved forward, my final three – I was happy with any of them – were Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson. I thought any one of those three would have been an awesome nominee.”

But given that Hillary Clinton is the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Murray said he would consider opening his options more if needed.

“I would have taken any one of the 17 (original Republican presidential candidates) on that stage compared to who’s running against Donald Trump,” he said with a chuckle.

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