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Website: Arizona one of nation’s most affordable energy states

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PHOENIX — Despite the summer heat overworking air-conditioners across the state, Arizona has relatively low energy costs, a website said.

WalletHub said Arizona is considered an one of the most affordable energy states in the nation, ranking it 47th out of a possible 51 spots.

The survey ranked states — including the District of Columbia — by how high energy costs were. So, in essence, the lower the ranking, the cheaper energy is in that state.

According to WalletHub, Arizona landed was near the middle of the table when it came to the price of both electricity and the amount of electricity consumed per person — 26th and 21st.

But the state really made up ground when it came to the price of gas. The site ranked Arizona 40th for the price of gas, meaning it’s nearly one of the top 10 cheapest purchase spots in the country.

That last fact, according to WalletHub spokeswoman Jill Gonzales, was a bit of a surprise given Arizona’s spread-out cities. But when the site took into consideration the people that live in Arizona, it became easier to understand.

“There are a lot of elderly residents, who don’t do as much driving,” she said. “The same could be said for students.”

The most expensive energy state was Connecticut. The cheapest was Washington.

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