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Facebook photo showing Powerball can end US poverty is dead wrong

A lot of people are hyped about the Powerball and who can blame them? The jackpot is well over $1 billion, the largest lottery prize in world history.

But with that hype comes plenty of misinformation online, particularly on social media. On Monday, a photo claiming to show how the Powerball prize could effectively end poverty in the United States went viral.

The image has been shared hundreds of thousands of times and has even turned into a talking point around office coolers. After all, who wouldn’t want to solve poverty and make everyone a millionaire?

There’s just one, tiny little problem with the photo, however: math. It turns out that $1.3 billion (the jackpot has since grown to nearly $1.5 billion) shared between 300 million Americans would give each person a whopping $4.33.

As in your typical cup of Starbucks. As in not solving the nation’s poverty issue.

The artist that posted the original photo, Livesosa, followed it with another post about 12 hours later.

Of course, this post references Steve Harvey and his epic screw up at the Miss Universe pageant and makes it clear the post is nothing more than a joke. But because the Internet is the Internet, the second post was only shared about 2,300 times.

Consider this your daily reminder, people: You can’t trust everything you read on Facebook.

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