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Arizona bill would allow college students to conceal carry on campus

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX — One Arizona legislator has introduced a bill that is expected to draw a large amount of controversy and debate during legislation in 2016: Concealed carry on college campuses.

State Rep. Sonny Borrelli introduced House Bill 2072, which would make it legal for students and faculty members to carry a concealed weapon at a public university, college or community college.

“What this bill would say is if you obviously have a legitimate reason to be on campus and you want to carry on campus then you just go and notify the administration that you have a concealed weapons permit and you may or may not be carrying,” Borrelli said.

If the bill passes, anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon on campus would have to go through firearms training and face multiple background checks, including criminal and mental health checks.

Borrelli said students and faculty members should have the same right to defend themselves against an active shooter as any other Arizonan.

“You have a right to stand your ground by statute, you have a right to defend yourself by God and even in the U.S. constitution and the State constitution,” he said.

The university would also be required to maintain a protocol for dealing with an active shooter on its campus.

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