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Here’s what happens when Adele enters an Adele look-alike contest

While everyone was busy freaking out about Adele’s newest song “Hello,” Adele was pranking her fans by entering an Adele look-alike contest..

Adele took on the role of “Jenny,” a slow-talking nanny complete with a fake chin, nose and exaggerated lips, courtesy of makeup artists.

The real Adele stands backstage with a gaggle of impersonators who are quick to make comments about how long it’s taken the singer to come out with new music. One contestant even goes so far as to tell the group Adele would definitely like one of the impersonators — to which the real Adele doesn’t seem to disagree.

“Jenny” is a great actress, faking extreme nerves before she’s about to take the stage, and missing her cue to sing.

Even with all of the theatrics, and despite the fake chin, it only takes the impersonators a few seconds of the song “Make You Feel My Love” to realize that “Jenny” is not exactly who she said she was.

The performance ends in an emotional Adele sing-along. If someone can find something Adele is bad at, we’d love to hear it.

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