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Kid stuff: Goats discover awesomeness of giant trampoline

Words you never thought went together: goat jumping party.

In this video, six goats figure out the joy of jumping while taking turns bouncing on the giant trampoline.

The goats are scarily resourceful, using a John Deere tractor to climb onto the springy surface. That is … ingenious

Apparently, goats figuring out trampolines is a thing this year, as there are plenty of viral videos showing the creatures bouncing around, though some looking slightly freaked out. This short clip shows three baby goats springing away.

Here’s a clip of a solo-jumping party. This baby goat doesn’t quite get into the rhythm at first, but figures it out by the end of the clip.

We don’t know what the deal is with goats and trampolines, but we hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon.

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