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Here’s how Phoenix Zoo vets gave DeMarco the cheetah a checkup


PHOENIX – Phoenix Zoo veterinary staff gave DeMarco, a 5-year-old male cheetah, a clean bill of health after administering a checkup Wednesday.

It was DeMarco’s first general wellness exam since he arrived in Phoenix with two brothers from a wildlife center in Glen Rose, Texas, two years ago.

“DeMarco looks great,” Dr. Alexandra Goe, a veterinarian from Midwestern University who works at the zoo through a collaborative partnership, said in a press release.

“He has appeared to be in excellent health since arrival to the zoo, but it was time to start off the new year with a wellness exam, and we are happy with the results.”

DeMarco was anesthetized for the procedure, which included the collection of samples for a routine testing, scans and gastroscopy (an internal visual stomach examination).

He also got his teeth cleaned and his nails trimmed.

Phoenix Zoo carnivore manager Angela Comedy said it’s routine to examine big cats every few years.

“Prior to arrival at the Phoenix Zoo, all three brothers received extensive exams, called preshipment exams, routine in the transfer of any animal to another facility,” she said in the release.

“We monitor them closely to check for any signs of illness or behavioral changes and have not seen any significant concerns in the boys.”

The zoo said DeMarco’s brothers, Dirk and Boykin, will get their physicals in the coming weeks.

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