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She Said: Chef Wade’s food truck takes mac ‘n’ cheese to another level

(Facebook Photo/Chef Wade's Mac-N-Cheese)

I had heard about and seen Chef Wade’s Mac-N-Cheese food truck around the Valley and was very intrigued. I kept thinking, “How does this food truck serve only one dish?” Well, I got an opportunity to not only meet Chef Wade but to try a variety of his specialty mac ‘n’ cheese.

Chef Wade Simpson has been on the culinary scene for over 28 years and noticed there was one thing missing from the food truck world: macaroni and cheese. Through some creative thinking he managed to take mac ‘n’ cheese to the next level. He created a menu full of inventive combinations of this popular noodle dish.

When I arrived I noticed was how immaculate the food truck was, both inside and out. I could tell Chef Wade runs a tight ship. He has a warm and friendly demeanor and immediately you can sense his passion about food. I was excited to dive into tasting! My bites included:

Classic: noodles and cheese.

Lobstah: Peas, lobster, garlic butter and parsley.

Sicilian: Spicy sausage, grilled onion, tomato and pesto.

Truffle Mushroom: Black truffle oil, oyster and cremini mushrooms.

Southwest: Green chili, tomato, smoked pork and BBQ sauce.

Nawlin’s: Andouille sausage, shrimp and Cajun spice.

First off, I was impressed that they all tasted so different. Each selection distinctively had its own individual flavor. I kept joking each one was my favorite. The cheese is the perfect consistency of thick and melty, and the noodles are firm and hold up against the other ingredients in each dish. I thought the Lobstah or Truffle Mushroom would be my favorite since they are rich and decadent, but I have to admit the Nawlin’s won me over. The southern spices, depth of flavor and hearty shrimp and sausage got me going back for more. I couldn’t stop eating it!

Other specialties include:

Mac-N-Trees: Broccoli, cauliflower and cashew puree, butternut squash.

Pomodoro: Fresh mozzarella, tomato and pesto.

Grilled ham and mac-n-cheese sandwich on Texas toast.

I’ve seen Chef Wade’s food truck as I am driving and for a half sec I am tempted to follow it so I can get my hands on more of the mac ‘n’ cheese! But, instead of accidently following him home I head over to his Facebook page to see where his truck will be next. This mac ‘n’ cheese is not to be missed, so find out when Chef Wade will be in your area and go try it! You will thank me.

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