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Arizona girl’s anti-bullying video using Post-It notes goes viral


PHOENIX — An Arizona girl was going viral online after she made an anti-bullying video that showed her sticking labels to herself using Post-It notes.

The video, made by 13-year-old Kalani Goldberg and put on Facebook in a now-private post by her mother, had been shared hundreds of times as of Thursday morning. The Golberg family lives in Gilbert.

In the video, Goldberg is shown covered in sticky notes with words such as “stupid,” “loser” and “slant eyes” written on them.

“Everyday, you say these things about me,” she said in the video, “Everyday, I wear your words. Everyday, I carry the weight of your labels.”

At the end of the video, a tearful Goldberg asks people to just be kind to one another.

“I don’t want to wear your words anymore, so please stop,” she said. “Stop hurting me.”

In a post, her mother wrote that Goldberg wanted to make the video to let others know they were not alone and that parents need to pay attention to their kids.

“Please watch her video, watch it with your kids. Talk about it,” the post, which was later set to private, read. (WARNING: LINK CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE)

“Open that aisle of communication if you haven’t already. Listen to them and acknowledge what they have to say. Validate their feelings and most of all just be there for them. I had no idea this was happening to my own daughter until just recently.”

Her mother also included the phone number to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline — 800-273-8255 — in the post.

Goldberg received a lot of support from commenters, many who encouraged her to stay strong and wanted her to know she was not alone.

“Kalani, you are beautiful and wonderfully made,” one person wrote. “You will do great things in your life.”

“You are unique,” another wrote. “Be proud of all that you have accomplished and will conquer in the future.”

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