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Arizona DPS speed crackdown nets more than 170 tickets, 2 arrests

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PHOENIX — A speed crackdown on Phoenix-area freeways resulted in more than 220 drivers being pulled over and more than 170 citations, an Arizona Department of Public Safety official said.

“The results were what we expected (in) that the more visibility of the DPS officers, the more likely people are going to be stopped for speeding and the more likely speeding citations will be issued,” Bart Graves said Thursday.

In total, 221 drivers were stopped for speeding, with 174 of them receiving a citation. Forty-seven of the drivers were given a warning and two were arrested.

“We believe this was a very successful targeted enforcement effort,” Graves said.

The No Need for Speed Campaign was touted by DPS director Col. Frank Milstead as a 30-day, zero-tolerance operation to target speeders, but Graves said it was actually conducted over eight days on the Loops 101, 202 and 303.

“This is a good snapshot, if you will, of driving behavior,” he said.

Graves said he was unsure if the agency would conduct a similar operation in the future.

“I don’t know if specifically if we’re going to do this again in the same locations — it may be other locations, other freeways,” he said.

KTAR News’ Atlan Hassard contributed to this report.

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