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Phoenix-area teacher resigns after tweeting about killing immigrants


PHOENIX — A Phoenix-area teacher resigned Monday after she sent several tweets about killing immigrants instead of deporting them.

In a statement, the Pardes Jewish Day School in Scottsdale said Bonnie Verne decided to leave her third-grade teaching role after meeting with school officials. She had taught at the school for 12 years.

“[Verne] deeply regrets having in recent days made comments using her personal social media account that were inappropriate, offensive, and unbefitting of a Pardes teacher,” the statement read.

Screenshots of Verne’s tweets began making their way around the internet last week.

One tweet sent from Verne’s account in response to another demanding the deportation of illegal immigrants read, “Or we can just put a bullet in their head immediately.”

In another tweet, Verne said she was “drowning in the stinky garbage of LibTard nation.”

Verne has since deleted her account.

The school said Verne’s tweets were not in line with its values of promoting positive language. It said it respects Verne’s First Amendment rights, but “with that right comes individual responsibility not to make hateful comments, which have no place in our school.”

The statement went on to read, “The school maintains policies that make it clear that the personal remarks of faculty members must never, in any way, bring disrepute to the school or impinge on classroom activity. Those policies have been and will continue to be enforced diligently.”

The school said Verne’s political opinions were never revealed to students.

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