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ADOT warns against drunk driving with Super Bowl-themed signs

PHOENIX — The folks at the Arizona Department of Transportation are fighting to keep drunk drivers off the road on Super Bowl Sunday, and they’re doing so with their usual use of clever signage on Valley highways.

Two of the digital road alert messages were posted on the ADOT Twitter account.

It’s clear those at ADOT aren’t betting on the Atlanta Falcons or New England Patriots.

The first sign reads, “Falcons? Patriots? We don’t care. Just drive sober.”

Another sign says, “Blow the whistle on distracted driving.”

“We’re throwing a flag on poor driving decisions,” writes ADOT’s blog. “No more illegal procedures, personal fouls or pass interference – seriously, use your turn signal when changing lanes.

“If a Super Bowl party is part of your weekend game plan make sure you have a safe way to get home. Or be prepared to call an audible, like taking a taxi, using a rideshare service or catching a ride from a sober friend.”

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