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Arizona voter registration numbers rise months after the general election

(AP Photo/Matt York, File)

PHOENIX — The main election everyone talks about at the water cooler or at a family dinner is of course, the presidential election.

Especially with all of the storylines that came in 2016 regarding both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it was clear not many people were going to be fence riders and wanted their voice to be heard with a simple vote.

According to Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan, the end of the general election hasn’t slowed down voters from wanting to be heard. In fact, the number of registered voters is rising.

Reagan announced Tuesday that the number of registrants in Arizona has increased 57,656 to more than 3.6 million active voters since November.

“It’s good to see our enrollment continue to rise after last year’s general election,” Reagan said. “While we saw high levels of participation throughout 2016, we’re reminding voters how important their local elections are.

“Early voting for March elections begins February 15, 2017 in places like Phoenix, Holbrook and Goodyear. These community elections often have lower turnout so each and every vote carries a lot of weight. Nothing is more important than the quality of life in the place we call home, and these local elections give us the opportunity to make a real impact in our community.”

The Secretary of State’s office also announced that of Arizona’s 3,646,122 voters, 34.6 percent are Republicans, 30.3 percent are Democrats, while 34.0 percent didn’t designate a party preference.

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