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Top spot: Tempe bar named best place to grab a craft beer in Arizona

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PHOENIX — If you’re looking to grab a tasty craft beer to celebrate the upcoming weekend, look no further than a local favorite in Tempe.

For the second time this year, Taste of Tops, located near University and Ash drives in Tempe, has been selected as the best bar in the state. This time around, Cool Material has selected the joint as the state’s top (see what we did there?) craft beer bar.

The site praised Taste of Tops’ total selection, which totals hundreds when the available bottles and cans are taken into consideration.

It also liked the fact that drinkers can bring in their own food, as Taste of Tops does not have a kitchen of its own.

Earlier this year, lifestyle site Thrillist selected Taste of Tops as the best beer bar in the state.

“Tops Liquor is only one of the best beer shops in the country, and Taste of Tops lets you raid its stocks and drink to your heart’s content in this next-door bar,” Thrillist said.

Taste of Tops also has four employees that are certified cicerones or “essentially walking encyclopedias of beer knowledge and the beer world’s answer to sommeliers,” Thrillist explains.

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