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Another look? Google Fiber may be considering move into Phoenix

PHOENIX — Google Fiber may be exploring a move into the Phoenix market, but not in the traditional fiber optic sense.

Instead, according to technology website SlashGear, Google wants to test a new wireless version of its extremely fast internet in Phoenix and 23 other cities.

Google Fiber speeds are about 1 gigabit per second. The internet giant’s new wireless version would be faster, but could run into problems as the bands it uses are also utilized by the military.

Business Insider reports Google is looking to move its Fiber service to wireless because the cost of expanding physical fiber optics networks is slow-moving and expensive.

“We are working to test the viability of a wireless network that relies on newly available spectrum,” a spokesperson tells Business Insider. “The project is in early stages today, but we hope this technology can one day help deliver more abundant Internet access to consumers.”

There was no clear timetable for the testing to begin, but all testing will likely be carried out by Google employees, contractors and other chosen, unpaid testers.

Phoenix has been in the Google Fiber talk for several years. Though it missed out on the high-speed internet service last year, the city council approved a cable license for the service in an attempt to lure the internet giant to the Valley.

The license doesn’t guarantee building, but, “grants Google Fiber the authority to use city streets and rights-of-way to provide cable television and Internet services within Phoenix,” according to a release. 

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