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All about that bass: Man’s 16-pound catch makes waves in bass fishing community

If you aren’t pumped enough about bass fishing ramping up — this should do it!

If you have been following the world of bass fishing, you probably came across the story of Greg Springer and his latest hog.

Greg Springer's 16-pound bass. (Photo:

Greg Springer’s 16-pound bass. (Photo:

Greg pulled a 16.3 pound bass last week out of Lake Wohlford near Escondido, California.

This thing looked like a bass-colored beach ball!

Here’s the part about the story that stood out to me: Greg caught the slob while shore fishing!

Yes, bass boat purists, shore fishing can produce results without the added expense.

I have said this for years. It is always your best bet to stick and move when bass fishing. That means becoming amphibious.

I know, I know, you can cover more ground — er, water — in a boat. But, there are GREAT spots that boats just can’t get to.

Don’t give up on a body of water just because you weren’t successful in your Nitro. Trailer that bad boy, grab your tackle backpack, rig up a few poles, lace up your shoes and tackle the perimeter.

It just might pay off for you just like it did for Mr. Springer.

For those of us not blessed with loaded bass boat in the garage, this should bring new hope for the upcoming summer months. Along with some reassurance that bass fishing is owned by the aggressive angler.

Or should I say, the frugal angler?

Imagine that — large-mouth trophies without a boat payment, gas budget, tags, trailer, etc. Ha!

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