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Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: Donald Trump’s immigration plan may not work

(AP Photos)

PHOENIX — Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has her doubts about Donald Trump’s plan to deport every illegal immigrant in Arizona, she said in an interview.

“I don’t think that you’re going to be able to round them all up,” Brewer told CNN on Monday. “They’re not all going to come forward.”

Trump has called for every illegal immigrant — believed to total 11 million people in the United States — to identify as such and be deported. He then proposes to allow some of them back in based on their qualifications.

While Brewer said she agrees something needs to be done about immigration, she feels it’s too early to talk policy.

“First, we have to get to the root of the problem,” she said. “That is securing our border, one way or the other, and then deal with all those other issues.”

Brewer said both Democrats and Republicans have failed when it comes to securing the border.

Brewer said she doesn’t agree with Trump’s idea to build a wall, instead opting for a fence. But she also recognized the complicated part immigration plays in the Mexico-Arizona relationship.

“We are concerned about terrorism and we are concerned about commerce,” she said.

Mexico is one of Arizona’s largest trade partners.

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