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That’s no bird: Arizona man creates ghost drone for Halloween

You may want to keep your eye on the sky as we get closer to Halloween: One Arizona man has turned his drone into a ghost.

In a video online, YouTube user AZChopperCam showed off his creation. He calls it the ghost quadcopter, but we call it downright terrifying.

We’ve seen this kind of ghost drone prank before, but this is easily the best one we’ve seen in a couple years.

The video shows the ghost drone hovering over a neighborhood street. It zips over cars and cruises along over yards and, to be honest, is pretty ominous. We can definitely see a few kids being terrified of this while they’re out for their annual trick-or-treating.

On an amusing note, the tune in the background is “Ghost Riders in the Sky.” Get it? Because it’s a ghost?

Oh, we should probably tell you: If the ghost is not creepy enough, AZChopperCam decided to attach a 5-foot glowing skeleton to the drone. So now skeletons can fly too.

We’re totally staying inside this Halloween. Best of luck out there, kids. You’re going to need it.

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