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FBI launches campaign to crack down on corruption on US borders

PHOENIX — The Federal Bureau of Investigation is launching a campaign to urge citizens to keep an eye out for possibly corrupt officials working on the U.S. border.

To get its message to the public, the FBI created a public service announcement along with the Department of Homeland Security that will be shown in certain cities including Phoenix.

“Every day at America’s borders, drugs, weapons and even people are illegally smuggled into our country,” FBI Special Agent Alfredo Duron says in the video.

Duran goes on to say that some border agents are letting the smugglers get away with it.

“Some public servants, sworn to protect our borders, are turning a blind eye and lining their pockets,” he said.

The PSA calls on citizens to speak up if they notice anything fishy when they are at a border checkpoint.

“If you live near, work at, or cross the border, you can be our eyes and ears,” Duran said in the PSA. “When you witness public corruption, don’t turn a blind eye. Report it to the FBI.”

The PSA said the FBI’s top criminal priority is to take down “these corrupt federal officials.”

The border awareness campaign is targeting 10 FBI field offices  whose areas of responsibility include U.S. ports of entry such as border crossings, airports, and seaports. The cities aside from Phoenix are Buffalo, Detroit, El Paso, San Antonio, Fargo, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami and Seattle.

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