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Video of barefoot Arizona man’s arrest on hot asphalt making rounds online


PHOENIX — A video posted of the arrest of a barefoot man on hot asphalt on a Phoenix-area freeway has been drawing attention online.

Marc Cordell LeBeau faces charges of resisting arrest and driving under the influence, authorities said.

A DPS spokesman said LeBeau was stopped Monday afternoon on Loop 202 near Brown Road for going 95 mph in a 65-mph zone.

Capt. Damon Cecil said LeBeau was compliant at first, but things quickly went downhill.

“… he pulled away and started pushing our officer,” Cecil said. “That’s when our officer had to use force, to take control of Mr. LeBeau and take him into custody.”

A cellphone video of the incident (WARNING: Video contains explicit language), taken by Austin Maxwell,  a student at Arizona State University,showed LeBeau, 34, struggling with the trooper, yelping in apparent pain all the while.

He begged the officer to take him off the asphalt because it was burning his bare feet and abdomen. (The trooper had tried to get LeBeau to stand, or roll onto his belly to be handcuffed.)

Two passing motorists helped get LeBeau under control and into the highway patrol vehicle.

“We did not want to fight Mr. LeBeau,” Cecil said. “However, we had a job to do. We had to ensure that he didn’t hurt himself [and] that he didn’t hurt our trooper.”

DPS also posted the video on its site.