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Trump v. Sanders is becoming a greater possibility for the 2016 presidential election

The dust is beginning to settle now that the New Hampshire votes have been tallied and the winners have been crowned.

We have seen two Republicans drop from the race today and, plot twist, neither of them are named Donald Trump.

Six months ago, the Democrats began the coronation process, all but naming Hillary Clinton their nominee. But here we are, watching Bernie Sanders sweep the first primary and nearly splitting the first caucus in half.

Ladies and gentlemen — this might be a tough pill to swallow — but, I think we need to start preparing ourselves for an uncomfortable thought.

We need to come to grips with the idea of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders becoming their party’s respective nominees.

Don’t get me wrong, from a radio standpoint this would be content gold! But will that gift be handed to us by the primary voters? It just might be!

Keep in mind that BOTH of these men were considered jokes when they announced their respective runs for the White House.

“There is no way that grumpy, old Bernie Sanders could ever hang with the Clinton machine.”

“There is no way that a self-promoting, reality show-hosting billionaire could be seen as a legitimate candidate.”

But here we are, team. Feelin the Bern as Trump Force One has reached cruising altitude.

We might have a general election with one candidate pushing for socialism, packed with a 90 percent top tax rate, while the other looks to build a border wall while shoving the invoice down Mexico’s throat.

Yes, folks — We are one step closer to Trump v. Sanders 2016.

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