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Arizona Department of Transportation official rescues puppy stuck on highway

(Facebook/Arizona Equine Rescue Organization)

PHOENIX — Even though the Arizona Department of Transportation is most known for its unique messages advocating against dangerous driving, one transportation official has recently made headlines for saving a puppy stuck on a state highway.

Transportation worker Gil Estrada was monitoring traffic on Monday when he spotted a puppy in the middle of traffic on the State Route 51, according to NBC News.

The puppy miraculously escaped the fate of speeding vehicles and eventually made it to the median separating the north- and southbound lanes, where she stayed for an hour until Estrada came and rescued her.  

Transportation officials turned the pup over to an Arizona Equine Rescue Organization shelter, where she is being cared for as the department searches for her owner.

(Facebook/Arizona Equine Rescue Organization)

(Facebook/Arizona Equine Rescue Organization)

“We may normally do large animal rescue, but something about this puppy’s situation motivated us to branch outside of the norm,” the shelter said in a Facebook post.

Shelter officials said in the Facebook post they are hopeful they will find the puppy’s owner — nicknamed Dottie, after ADOT —  because she appears to be well cared for.

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