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Former Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer expects Trump to trump early Republican primaries

PHOENIX — One former Arizona governor is standing behind Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying he will sweep the early Republican primaries, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

Although she has not officially endorsed him, former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she expects Trump to “sweep through” the early Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries during an election roundtable on Wednesday.

When asked by moderator Brahm Resnick about possibly backing Trump, Brewer answered, “Maybe,” according to the article.

During the roundtable, Brewer also said voters do not trust “establishment candidates” who are all talk, which is fueling support for both Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Although Trump is known for his sometimes outlandish comments, Brewer said voters are “willing to forgive” his attacks because they support his “renegade” campaign.

When asked about Trump’s lack of participation on Fox News’ Republican debate on Thursday, Brewer said she thinks Trump is getting the best of the network by boycotting.

If Brewer decides to endorse Trump, she wouldn’t be the first Arizona official to do so: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorsed the businessman in Iowa on Tuesday.

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