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Sharper Point: Why the Arizona Cardinals will beat the Carolina Panthers

Another week, another Arizona Cardinals playoff win.

OK, so it won’t be official until after Sunday’s NFC Championship Game between the Red Birds and the Carolina Panthers, but I’m calling it based on some social media posts I’ve seen this week.

I thought the big, bad Panthers were supposed to be this big, bad, intimidating team, especially heading into the playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the entire conference. But after what I’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter this week, I’m not so convinced.

I mean, come on. I saw photos of guys rushing out to get tattoos of a team that may not won’t win the Super Bowl, players that had to be told to not drag race hoverboards down the hallway (can anyone say fire hazard?) and, while I’m sure “The Voice” winner Jordan Smith is a great guy, he doesn’t exactly portray the mean attitude I thought was required in the NFL playoffs.

Also, the Panthers consider the Waffle House their secret weapon? Darn. Guess we can’t beat that. I mean, we only have Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer, Patrick Peterson and, oh yeah, 12 WAFFLE HOUSE LOCATIONS IN THE VALLEY.

It’s not hard to claim a national chain as your “secret” when they’re pretty much around the corner from most Americans. That’s like saying we beat the Russians in Lake Placid because we have McDonald’s.

If you want to hear the Cardinals beat the Panthers, listen to Arizona Sports 98.7 FM on Sunday. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:40 p.m. winner, er, Arizona time.

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