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Feelin’ it: Detour Dan drops epic Arizona Cardinals poem on the air

(AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)
LISTEN: Feelin' it: Detour Dan drops epic Arizona Cardinals poem on the air

PHOENIX — The entire state is getting behind the Arizona Cardinals and their playoff run, including our own Detour Dan.

While he’s typically heard telling KTAR News 92.3 FM’s audience about all the traffic snags during rush hour or letting us all know when it’s Friday, he took a little detour (see what we did there?) from his normal routine on Wednesday to rep the Cardinals and get us all ready for Sunday’s big game.

While on Arizona’s Morning News with Jim Sharpe and Jayme West, Dan dropped his own Cardinals poem that got us plenty pumped up for this weekend’s NFC Championship Game against the Carolina Panthers.

In case you have trouble hearing it, we transcribed the poem below.

Here come the Cardinals,
They’re walking tall.
They’re taking all comers,

And watching them fall.
Whether its first-and-20,
Or fourth-and-goal,
The Cardinals are coming,
For the Super Bowl!

Let Dan know you’re supporting the Cardinals on Twitter, head over to for all of your Cardinals coverage and be sure to tune in to Arizona Sports 98.7 FM at 4:40 p.m. Sunday to listen as the Birdgang takes down Cam Newton and the Panthers on their way to the Super Bowl!

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