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Look up! Five planets to be visible to naked eye in Arizona night sky

(StockSnap Photo)

PHOENIX — Arizonans will be treated to a sight of the celestial kind Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Five planets — Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury — will all be visible at one time with the naked eye.

“If you look into the east around 11 p.m., you’ll see bright Jupiter,” KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Doctor Sky said. “And then it’s a waiting game: You can wait all night or get up early in the morning. The best time to see if, if you’re not able to stay up all night, is about an hour before sunrise.”

Dr. Sky recommended stargazers begin their search for the planets in a specific part of the sky.

“To look at these planets, start off in the southeastern part of the sky,” he said.

KTAR’s Lauren Grifo contributed to this report.

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