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Waste Management living up to its name with Phoenix Open

(Photo via Waste Management)

It only makes sense that a golf tournament sponsored by a company that recycles trash would want to show the world that it practices what it preaches, and that is just what Waste Management is doing this year at the Phoenix Open.

The company is reusing its floating “WM” logo sign, adorned with 750,000 recycled golf tees. Workers wearing waders were in the pond near the 15th hole this morning zip-tying the floating pieces together.

“The key point behind this Waste Management logo feature is to also remind people of things they can do at home, simple things like recycling,” company spokeswoman Janette Micelli said.

Micelli says all of the trash from this year’s event will be recycled or somehow reused so that none of it ends up in a landfill. Last year, the company says it kept 444 tons of Phoenix Open trash from such a fate.

“This is a zero-waste event,” Micelli said. “We’ve been very successful through the years now with 100 percent diversion away from landfills.”

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