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Jodi Arias’ mother: My daughter was a victim

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PHOENIX — The mother of convicted killer Jodi Arias said her daughter was a victim after she was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Monday.

“I do think she’s a victim,” Sandy Arias told media, adding that family members had spotted bruises on Arias prior to the 2008 killing of Travis Alexander. Despite spotting the bruises herself, Sandy said her daughter’s defense team did not want her to testify in the case.

Prior to the sentencing, Sandy told the courtroom Alexander was a “mistake” in her daughter’s life.

“As her mother, I feel like I should have been there to protect her, but I wasn’t,” she said.

Sandy said the saddest part of Jodi’s sentence will be missing out on her wedding or possible motherhood. She described her daughter as someone who loved to help people and hopes she continues to do so while incarcerated.

“She lit up a room with her smile,” Sandy said.

Sandy was the lone immediate family member to attend the sentencing. She said financial hardships and her husband’s health make travel difficult from their Northern California home.

Sandy said she hoped the sentence allows the Alexander family to begin the healing process.