Legally Speaking: A look at Jodi Arias’ life at the Perryville Women’s Prison

Apr 14, 2015, 11:34 PM | Updated: Apr 27, 2015, 8:38 pm
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The question has been answered: Jodi Arias has been sentenced to natural life in prison. She will never again experience life as a free woman (unless of course she wins her inevitable appeal).

As a result of Judge Sherry Stephens’ sentence, Arias has been transferred to Perryville Women’s Prison in Goodyear. She will spend each night in a 12-foot-by-7-foot concrete cell.

Arias will have a bed, mattress, sink and toilet. She’ll be able to see sunlight and moonlight through two very thin window slits.

Initially Arias will be locked up for 23 hours a day with very little entertainment. Her cell has an electrical and cable outlet on the wall, which she will eventually be able to plug a television and/or radio into.

However, she will never experience the luxury of air conditioning. Her cell is only outfitted with a swamp cooler — and we all know how well those work during the monsoon season.

When it comes to visitors, Arias will have very few in the beginning. As she behaves herself she will be able to increase her privileges. These privileges include visitation, activities and the ability to purchase items from the prison store.

Arias will still be allowed to draw and write. One thing Arias won’t be allowed to do is profit from her crime. Arizona statute dictates that she can’t profit from selling her story.

Initially, Arias be placed in maximum security and will be assessed annually for possible reclassification.

Although her visitation and phone calls will be limited, Arias will be able to meet with her lawyers for appeals and other legal issues essentially without limitation.

Even with all these restrictions, rules and limitations, it is the opinion of many that the Arizona Department of Corrections is a more comfortable detention facility than any of the Maricopa County Jails run by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Monica Lindstrom

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Legally Speaking: A look at Jodi Arias’ life at the Perryville Women’s Prison