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Tips for ensuring virtual Thanksgiving gatherings run smoothly

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PHOENIX – Many people will opt to connect with loved ones over a video call instead of visiting in-person this Thanksgiving amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“The internet is more important than ever,” Andrea Pappas with Cox Communications said.

With the internet being used for school, work and now holiday gatherings, it’s important to make sure your virtual holiday gathering runs smoothly.

The first thing Pappas recommended to ensure best internet connectivity at home is looking at where the Wi-Fi router is placed.

“Think about barriers don’t put it behind a thick wall or refrigerator,” Pappas said.

The closet is also not a good place to set up the Wi-Fi router. While it does the job to hide cables, closets have many barriers that could impact your service performance.

Instead, Pappas recommended placing your router in an open and central place in your home to ensure best connectivity.

To make sure there’s no lagging during virtual gatherings Pappas also recommended unloading your Wi-Fi connections.

“Something to think about in your home is how many devices are using the same internet service, and that sometimes can impact the service that you’re getting,” Pappas said.

“When families are getting together, you may want to have your kids put down their other video devices, because not only will that take it off the internet service in your home but it will also get them to engage a little closer and be in the moment.”

Pappas also recommended removing devices not in use or needed right away like baby monitors which can interfere with your connection.

Finally, connecting computer to the back of your router using an ethernet cable is another option. It’s not always convenient but provides the most stable internet connection.

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