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Arizona Humane Society rescue team saves 7 puppies under house

(Arizona Humane Society)

PHOENIX — Seven puppies that were rescued from under a house by the Arizona Humane Society rescue team are now up for adoption.

The organization’s emergency dispatch in October responded to a report of free-roaming adult dogs who were entering a hole dug under a house, according to a press release.

Witnesses believed one of the adult dogs recently had puppies, which the emergency medical technicians confirmed after digging larger holes on each side of the house to gain access under the home.

Emergency technicians spent two hours rescuing the puppies, according to the release, utilizing a gurney to slide them out from under the house.

The puppies, who are likely shepherd, lab and pit bull mixes, were at the time believed to be less than two weeks old as their eyes were not open.

The 1-year-old mother, who had puncture wounds believed to be the result of continually going under the house to care for the puppies, was reunited with her puppies and all were transported to the Arizona Humane Society’s hospital for medical exams.

After several weeks in the organization’s maternity suites and a foster home, Arizona Humane Society in an email Wednesday said the puppies have been placed up for adoption online.

As for the brave mother who risked everything to care for her puppies, she has already found her forever family, according to the email.

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