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Political advertising spending in 2020 breaks records in Arizona

(Arizona Clean Elections Photos)

PHOENIX– The 2020 election cycle will set a record for most money spent on political ads in Arizona.

Advertisers dolled out $260 million on political ads in Arizona, far surpassing the $100 million spent on ads in 2018. This year, advertisers spent that alone on Arizona’s U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Martha McSally and Democratic challenger Mark Kelly

Cox Media alone reported earnings for ads in Phoenix and southern Arizona around Mark Kelly at $8.05 million.

For McSally, that number reached $3.355 million.

“The Democratic party sees this as a big opportunity to win a second senate seat, and also win the state for Biden,” Cox Media Vice President Richard Barone said.

A similar trend in spending was seen in the presidential race where Republicans were on the defense.

Cox Media reported earnings for ads related to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, in Phoenix and southern Arizona, at $7.7 million.

For President Donald Trump, that number reached $1.016 million.

The Biden and Kelly campaigns are outspending their rivals 2-to-1.

Barone said all sides will keep buying and running ads until the polls close Tuesday night at 7 p.m.

“Every vote matters right now,” Barone said. “Getting in front of voters right up until that last ballot is cast just shows how close and tight the race is.”

On cable, the advertisers went beyond the news networks this year.

“They’re buying networks like Game Show Network, Bravo and Lifetime to reach female voters,” Barone said. “The advertising goes a lot deeper.”

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