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Election cycle, coronavirus stress can lead to migraines

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PHOENIX — A Valley doctor says the stress of the election cycle and from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could lead to migraines.

Phoenix Headache Institute Director Eric Eross said some people could suffer migraines from the pandemic, but others might being doing better.

“But then there are some patients that are actually doing better, because they’re not making that drive into work every day,” Eross said. “They’re not dealing with the angry boss on a daily, one-to-one basis.”

Eross said lifestyle and consumption changes are the first steps to preventing headaches and migraines. After that, protein treatments can help.

“These are injections given once a month and some can be given every three months,” Eross said. “They bind to one of the neuropeptides involved in the genesis of migraine headache.”

If you’re in the middle of a migraine, Eross can also recommend orally dissolving tablets that work quickly with minimal side effects, usually nausea.

Eross also recommends improving diets and cutting MSG.

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